4 Best Attractions in Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is more than just the go-to spot for the tech industries. While it’s home to the tech giants like Facebook and Google, it also attracts tourists throughout the year. Some visit the famous tech campuses, but there are also plenty of attractions for those who aren’t necessarily interested in the tech side of stuff. Since it’s just over an hour south of San Francisco, Silicon Valley is a popular stop for travelers to the Bay Area. Follow this guide to Silicon Valley to find the area’s must-see spots.

Facebook HQ

No drive through Silicon Valley is complete without a selfie in front of the Facebook sign. The “like” sign is just off the road, and visitors are invited to have a seat, take a photo, and share it on Facebook. Unfortunately, you cannot enter the actual headquarters unless you have an invitation from an employee who works there. So, you can really only observe the building from the outside. Nevertheless, it is a must-see stop on any Silicon Valley road trip. Find it at 1 Hacker Way,┬áMenlo Park, CA 94025.

Google Campus

The Google Campus is also worth a quick visit. Much like Facebook HQ, you can only tour the buildings if you are invited and accompanied by a Google employee. There is still plenty to see outside, though. Visitors can take selfies next to an array of Android figurines.

You can also walk across the Google Gate Bridge that connects the various buildings. You might even be intrigued just watching the Google employees go about their days, especially those who use Google’s colorful bikes to get across the campus. Unfortunately, these bikes are for employees only. Find the Google Campus at 1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy, Mountain View, CA 94043.

Sierra Vista Open Space Preserve

And now for something completely different, you can also venture to the Sierra Vista Open Space. Grab some fresh air, stretch your legs, have a picnic, or just enjoy the views of the valley. Located just above San Jose, this is the best and closest place to see a glimpse of the natural scenery around Silicon Valley. Find it at 5347 Sierra Road, San Jose, CA 95132.

Winchester Mystery House

If you love ghosts and folklore more than startups and tech, don’t miss the Winchester Mystery House tour. Sarah Winchester, heiress of the Winchester rifle company, once owned the home. She claimed to be haunted by every single person who was ever killed by the hands of a Winchester rifle.

Even if you don’t buy into all the ghosts, you will love seeing this unique piece of architecture. In its prime, the massive house had 600 rooms, doors to nowhere, and a head-scratching floor plan. It’s more of a lighthearted building, rather than a spooky haunted house. Find it at 525 S Winchester Blvd San Jose, CA 9512.

You can easily spend several days exploring the various sites of Silicon Valley. The mixture of natural beauty, tech destinations, and historic sites make it a popular stop.