Camel rides are not only for deserts

Broome is a small town of 11,547 inhabitants located in Yawuru lands -in the region of Kimberley in Australia-, located by the ocean and which has become famous for its pearl farms dating from 1880.

The Pearl Fishers work has always been very dangerous. The first to do such a thing were the men and women of aboriginal tribes living in the vicinity. In the early twentieth century, many settlers came to Broome to fish these pearls.

A Japanese cemetery nearby reminds the 919 fishermen emigrated from Japan who met death while engaged in this risky activity, but many others were swallowed in the sea. During the 70s, the 60 percent of cultivated pearls in the world came from Broome.

Since then, the economy in Broome has begun to diversify thanks to the discovery of minerals in Kimberley and a substantial tourist development thanks to its geographical position and the natural beauty of Kimberley.

The most famous beach is Cable Beach, which extends along 22.5 kilometers with tides that can reach up to 9 meters long, even though to protect tourism and allow them to swim in its sea they have placed protection networks to prevent sharks and jellyfish.

In the south-western end of this beach you can see dinosaur footprints dating back to 130 million years ago, but they can only be seen during low tide.

Cable Beach is also one of the most famous nudist beaches in Australia. Minyirr Park is a coastal reserve located just at east of Cable Beach, on the dunes.

To take a ride on a camel at sunset is one of the most desirable activities available at this beach. Photographer Lauren Bath, one of the Instagram pioneers with over 400,000 followers, has captured great photos of these caravans of camels strolling by the sea at dawn and at sunset.

The sight of these cloudy skies reflected on the turquoise waters while camels move through the white sands is one of the most beautiful and surreal visions that these strange courtship arise when the silhouettes of these animals is reflected in this amazing natural mirror.

On the east coast is the Roebuck Bay. There we also find the famous stairs where when there is crescent moon and the tide recedes, a natural phenomenon that draws much attention is created. The truth is that Australia is a wonderful country to discover.

Photos: gripper2111, Les Butcher, Ken Waller and Rait Tuulas,

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