Four indoors visits if the weather is not favorable

Ireland owes its beautiful ‘greenery’ in large part to the rains that may accompany us at any time of the year. Dublin is characterized by a changing climate and despite giving us very warm temperatures compared to other cities in the north of the islands, it is also very rainy.

But there is no rain able to overcome our traveling curiosity and today we give you some clues to take advantage of a gray day: four indoors visits in case we are not lucky with the weather.

The James Joyce Centre

This Centre is dedicated to the memory and work of James Joyce (1882-1941). His background allows a journey through the life of the author, famous above all for two of his books: Ulysses and Finnegans Wake.

Among the objects we find the original front door of No. 7 Eccles Street, the home of Leopold Bloom in Ulysses. The Centre organizes temporary exhibitions andtours of the city based on the life and work of the writer.

The Little Museum

The history of Dublin during the twentieth century is the subject of this ‘little museum’. Started in 2011, it opened its doors with the collaboration of the Irish themselves, who contributed with hundreds of objects, documents and family memories to illustrate the history of emigration.

This museum has been nominated for the European Museum of the Year Award, which is an award given to the most prestigious museums in Europe, and presented every year by the European Museum Forum (EMF).

National Leprechaun Museum

Who is the Leprechaun? A very well known character in Irish mythology that is characterized by its sympathetic look: a green outfit. Leprechauns are said to be native to a distant world under the sea, to have come to Ireland many centuries ago to turn it into their new home.

Opened in 2010, the National Leprechaun Museum takes you into their world: green forests, huge rooms with furniture so you can feel identified with the small characters, wishing wells and magical places. An ideal visit to travel with kids.

The museum organizes day and night visits.

National Wax Museum

We admit we are not huge fans of these wax museums, but lovers of this kind of waxworks will find one in Dublin. There are four floors of exhibition in where important representatives of Irish music as U2 and Phil Lynott are not missing.

You will even find Record in Wax, a room where is recreated a recording studio and you can interact with ‘Snow Patrol’ or ‘REM’.

Photos: Heather Cowper, hostelscom, Paolo Pupillo, Christine and Mick Hunt.

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