Nevado de Colima Volcano National Park

Lately we hear of some American volcanoes that begin to have some activity. It is not surprising that one is always scaring us.

In Mexican lands we find Nevado de Colima Volcano National Park, in the State of Michoacán (yes, where Paricutin volcano erupted in 1943 and spent nine years releasing lava and ash). We found in this protected area the still active volcano Fuego and the extinct volcano Nevado de Colima.

Nevado de Colima Volcano

Inside the park there are different paths and walks close to volcanoes. Nevado de Colima Volcano can be accessed at any time of the year in spite of its height (4240 meters). There is a hiking trail that goes up there.

Its slopes are covered with small pine forests and as we ascend the landscape becomes desert where lava has swept in past times. If you are planning to climb the volcano, keep in mind that it is best during the dry season (December to February) and at any time of year you can find snowfalls at higher levels.

From July to September, when rains are gathered, temperatures are much higher but you have to endure the summer rain showers. To access the volcano you have to get to La Joya/Puerto Las Cruces where you must register and pay the park entrance.

The walk from there to the peak of the volcano lasts approximately 2 hours. The climb is hard and exhausting. take it easy cause you will have climbed up many meters in in short time since you arrived to the park and it can affect you altitude sickness.

Volcan de Fuego

At 30km north of the city of Colima, which can be a basis to know the park although the nearest town is Ciudad Guzman, the Fuego volcano shows off its name.

Always smoking, this is the most active volcano in Mexico, and has erupted dozens of times in the past 400 years. Statistics say that more or less every 70 years it gives a big scare, with an impressive eruption. Given that in 2005 it released ashes nearly 5 miles high, we assume that at the moment there are no problems to visit it. But you know that volcanoes have very bad temper.

In fact a few days ago it released a mouthful of ashes at more than three thousand feet, causing the closure of the National Park for a day.

Photos: Christian Villicaña, Mario Guerrero and Erica.

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