Thailand | Idyllic Phang Nga Bay

This part of the planet located in Thailand is considered as one of the most beautiful retreats in the world. A deserved reputation thanks to its calcareous ridges -cut by erosion-, its natural caves, the fissures that give a striking appearance to the area, an abundant tropical vegetation -besides the mangrove swamps- and the blue waters of the bay.

Due to being isolated from the sea at elevations, the rocks of Phang Nga are really impressive. You can count more than three hundred of these rock formations! The visit is done by boat through mangrove forests, flooded caves and small gulfs where we can enjoy the calm waters of the bay.

The vision of the whole is already truly impressive, although we should not miss:

Koh Yao: This island has an inner cave where there are ancient paintings (not prehistoric) from the original inhabitants of the area, in which anthropomorphous figures, sharks, dolphins and crocodiles are represented. These paintings can be seen from the sea and are believed to be about 3000-4000 years old.

Koh Panyi: This is a picturesque and striking Muslim fishing village of about 400 inhabitants, which is located at the foot of an impressive limestone wall that protects it from monsoons. The houses are built on pivots, as in many sea areas of Asia to prevent flooding.

Koh Mak: The beaches of this island are something really magnificent, worthy of paradise. Their round shape differentiates them from other islands of the surroundings. It is a spectacular place, with coconut trees and a rich fauna and flora.

In addition to these, there are other places with impressive caves that can be explored, but always accompanied by a good guide and with all the security measures.

Photos: kleiner hobbit, Angela Lobefaro, Jan, Joanne Lowe and The Nomad Soul.

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